Follow the instructions below to add the Mumineen Miqaats calendar to Microsoft Outlook 2013:
  1. Open Outlook 2013.
  2. Go to the Calendar view.
    Calendar view button screenshot
  3. In the Navigation Pane, right-click on Other Calendars > Add Calendar > From Internet...
    Add calendar from Internet menu item screenshot
  4. A "New Internet Calendar Subscription" window will appear. Type the following URL into the location textbox and click the "OK" button:
    New Internet calendar subscription window screenshot
  5. Confirm adding the calendar by clicking the "Yes" button:
    Add calendar confirmation screenshot
  6. Outlook will take a few minutes to download the Mumineen Miqaats calendar from the server:
    Outlook send-receive progress screenshot
  7. After the calendar has downloaded, you should see that the "Mumineen Miqaats" calendar was added to the "Other Calendars" list in the Navigation Pane. Check the box next to "Mumineen Miqaats" to show the calendar:
    Calendar added screenshot
  8. You should now see Hijri calendar dates and Dawoodi Bohra miqaats when you scroll through the calendar:
    Month view screenshot
- end -